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Orthopedic is the medical specialty focusing on prevention and treatment of joints, spine, bones, muscles, connective tissue and other supporting tissues of our bodies (i.e., ligaments and cartilages) disorders. We are able to walk, work, and enjoy life through this intricate structure.

At First Med Day Surgery Center Dubai our orthopedic service encompasses consultation, outpatient management as well as inpatient treatment for patients with ailments of the musculoskeletal system. Our joint and ligament-reconstruction orthopedic surgeons are internationally-recognized in minimally-invasive, and bone preserving techniques, in addition to being masters of total joint replacement procedures that represent a substantial advance in the treatment of painful and disabling joint illnesses (knee, hip, shoulder, and ankle). Sports injuries are treated with state-of-the art equipment and highly skilled experts in the field. The ultimate goal is ensuring pain-free function of the joint to improve your quality of life.

We provide specialized services for treating ailments of hip, knee, shoulder, foot and ankle, elbow and hand, as well as spine disorders.

Some of the more common orthopedic-related conditions that we treat are listed here but our doctors can discuss your specific concern and symptoms with you, and offer their expertise in determining the best possible treatment modality for you.

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