مجد حمصي
“حقيقه مركز طبي راقي جدا من حيث التعامل ومن حيث العنايه الطبيه اتمنى لكم دوام التقدم والتوفيق”

“Thanks for the beautiful welcoming and love the smile of everybody in the clinic, The doctor in Plastic Surgery gave me all the information that makes me relax and happy for the treatment”

“Fantastic Service from the staff, warm receipt and hospitality very professional Doctors, Thanks First Med”

Happy Patient
“Very Pleased, very welcoming and Great service and most important very friendly, i refer First Med to my friends and family and i will surely come back. Thank you Amazing service”

“I would like to thank you for all what you have done to me.First of all your treatment in First Med was full of (warmth & kindness) and you treated me as a member of your family. Secondly I was able to walk shortly after I had undergone the surgery. Thirdly I appreciate your constant follow ups on my situation day by day. You also listened patiently to me and answered my numerous questions. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart”

Mary Rose
“Thank you first med day surgery center for your excellent work on my knee. All is healed and I am now ready to climb new mountains”

Happy Patient

بصراحه من أروع المراكز ألي بتعامل معها وأكثر شغله ملفته هي الأبتسامه الموجوده على وجوه كل الموجودين بالمركز، أسعار مناسبه ، و النتائج رائعه. فيرست ميد

“Best hospital, I ‘ve ever been. Great Liposuction results Good staff, and nice music first med surgery”

“Very Happy with the first med day surgery service and care, did my Botox and i am very satisfied with the results”